Family is dancers, teachers, siblings, parents and carers.

We value our parents and carers hugely, and really appreciate the community they help create within our school. The positive relationship between our teachers and parents help our pupils learn more than just their dance steps. Below are documents for parents to reference

Enrolment Form

The enrolment form above provides us with all the information for you to enrol your child permanently into our classes. Please fill this out and either print, or email it to us.

Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Condition file should be read by all customers when you enrol your child with us. This file will change often, every time your make a payment we take this as a confirmation that you agree to abide by our C&T's. Breaching our T&C's may result in you being asked to leave the school.

Child Protection

The above form should be filled out for every student in the school, it is to indicate if a person can have photos of them published to the public in any form of media. We never use full names of students in relation to media.


This is our uniform price list, we use a wholesalers to get our parents the best price and best deals. You can pay for uniform by direct transfer, or card machine in class.